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The Bigger Plant Company
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Over a decade of expertise sourcing and installing beautiful mature specimen trees and plants

Trees & Topiaries

We can provide you with an incredible range of mature trees, ferns, topiaries, shrubs and plants for creating gardens and parks with real maturity.

Working alongside landscapers, developers and private clients The Bigger Plant Company specialises in supplying mature specimen trees and large shrubs in association with Pacini and Baldi of Tuscany, a highly respected grower. At our garden nursery all our large shrubs and trees are guaranteed of the highest quality whether trees, palms, ferns or topiary; we’ve got a complete A to Z of species in pots from 10ltr to 1500l, heights up to 9m and ages up to 200 years old.

Large Tree Plant

We offer a huge range of big trees and large shrubs

These are just a few of our regulars, and we’re happy to undertake buying trips for specific mature specimen trees and shrubs; Abies Nordmanniana / Pinsapo Glauca / Procera Glauca, Acacia Dealbata, Acer Platanoides / Palmatum, Albizia Julibrissin, Amelancia, Arbutus Unedo, Aucuba Japonica, Azalea, Bambusa, Betula Jaquemontii, Butia Capitata, Buxus, Camelia Japonica, Carpinus, Catalpa, Cedrus, Deodora Aurea/Pendula, Cercidiphyllum Japonica, Cercis, Chamaerops, Citrus Orange/ Lemon/ Mandarin, Cordyline Australis, Cornus, Cotinus Coggyria, Crateagus Laevitaga, Crytomeria, Cupressocyparis, Eleagnus, Eriobotrya, Euonymus, Fagus, Ginkgo Biloba, Gleditisia Tricanthos Sunburst, Ilex Aquafolium Variagata, Ilex Crenata, Juniperus, Lagerstroemia, Laurus, Ligustrum, Liriodendron Tulipifer, Magnolia, Morus Pendula, Nandina Domestica, Olea Europeana, Parrotia Persica, Phormium, Red Robin, Picea, Pinus Pinea, Prunus, Punica Granatum, Quercus Ilex, Rhododendron, Robinia Psuedoacacia, Sophora Japonica ‘Pendula’, Taxus Baccata, Thuya, Viburnum and Wisteria.

Specialist highly matured trees

Looking for something really special, a 200 year old olive tree maybe? We can supply and install some really stunningly beautiful matured large trees for that special commission that needs something more.

Large palm trees for Mediterranean and exotic gardens

As the UK climate keeps warming, all kinds of trees and plants are now capable of surviving here that weren’t before, and palms are a great example giving any space an exotic and jungle feel whether they’re integrated into the general planting or left potted on patios and decks.

Whilst we specialise in large and mature palm trees we can supply anything from 1ft to 12ft and even taller and older to order with popular species including Brahea Armata (Mexican Blue Palm), Brahea Edulis (Guadalupe Palm), Butia Capitata (Jelly Palm), Chamaerops Humilis (Mediterranean Fan Palm), Chamaerops Excelsor, Cycas Revoluta (Sago Palm), Phoenix Canariensis (Canary Island Date Palm), Trithrinax Campestris and Washington Filifera.

Large Palm Trees

Direct import Australian and New Zealand tree ferns

Well chosen tree ferns can provide architectural beauty in any garden, and we get over the common problems of lengthy supply chains and poor quality with direct imports from licenced growers in Australasia. Like all our trees and plants our ferns are big and mature, up to 9ft in stock and larger to order; many coming with 2 or 3 flushes of up to 30 fronds including species from the Dicksonia and Cyathea families. We can provide advice on the care of these wonderful plants and guarantee our large tree ferns to be amongst the highest quality in the UK.

The Complete Bigger Plant Service

We don’t just supply big trees and plants; we install them too and have almost a decade of experience getting huge trees into difficult to reach places.

Whether it is on a busy road or hidden away behind rows of terraced buildings we can work out a logistics solution and project manage a safe installation and healthy result for the tree!

Read more about our all in one service on the big tree and shrub installations page, we work across the North West, North Wales, Merseyside, Liverpool, Cheshire and the Wirral.

Big Plant Installation
Crafted Topiary

Beautifully crafted topiaries by commission

Topiary art makes a really impressive addition to any planting, whether used as a centrepiece or a regular feature throughout a formally arranged space.

Everything at the Bigger Plant Company is about getting matured, finished shrubs and plants and we can also supply some stunning topiaries from stock such as spirals, columns, cloud pruned large bonsai, storks, dolphins and dinosaurs or to a specific commission.

The range of plants available for topiaries includes Buxus, Cupressus, Ilex Crenata, Ligustrum Dalavanum, Pinus and Taxus Baccata.

No matter what your requirements for large mature specimen trees, shrubs and plants put it in the hands of the experts and the Bigger Plant Company; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our specialist team..